We answer your calls when you can't with Bolt 24/7 Live Answering

A Bolt 24/7 Live Answering service offers a range of services which includes everything from answering phone calls and scheduling appointments to full virtual receptionist services, such as asking screening questions and providing customer service and support.

Live answering service for small business
Live answering service for small business

When your phone is ringing out of control, it’s not always possible for someone to phone answer every time. Perhaps you’re in the middle of a sale, or your latest marketing campaign has gone viral, and you can’t cope with the boom in business.

 Any missed call is a missed business opportunity.

Get an edge over your competition when every single call is answered in a professional way, and each customer is given personalized customer service and the attention they expect and deserve.

Are you still unsure if a live answering service is right for your business?

Besides just call answerings, there are many other advantages a phone answering service can provide, such as:

Admin & Organizing

Writing & Translate

Answering Calls


Social Media