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Tips to Hire Sales Support and Increase Profits

If you would like to hire sales support for your business, you can increase your profits exponentially. Hiring is not always an easy process, however, and finding and training the right candidates can be challenging. These tips will help you to find and hire the right sales support staff to help close more sales and increase your bottom line.

How to Find Qualified Sales Support Candidates

When you hire sales support staff, there are some key things you should look for. It can be overwhelming to go through lots of emails and candidate information, but there are some essential elements in a resume that you can look for to pre-screen people.

Here are some quick tips to help you narrow down your list of candidates:

  • Verify identity. Do a quick internet search to verify the candidate is who they say they are by doing a Google or LinkedIn search. LinkedIn is particularly helpful for verifying credentials and work experience. Some candidates may even have recommendations from past employers and co-workers on their LinkedIn page.
  • Check for relevant work experience. Does this candidate have experience in sales? Have they worked in a call center or do they have retail experience? Have they worked at a register or helped a business with sales in an office setting? Some basic experience with sales will go a long way in providing sales support for your business. You will be able to train your new sales professional on the exact logistics of your sales system but a background in sales can help to show relevant skills.
  • Consider relevant skills and qualities in your candidates. Sometimes the best employees have no experience in a field but have transferable skills such as excellent customer service skills or marketing experience. Consider this when you look at candidates. What related roles or jobs have they had that may use similar skills to the position you are offering?
  • Professionalism and promptness. Do the candidates follow all your directions when applying for the role? Do they respond to your messages promptly and with clear answers? Candidates who do not follow directions or lack responsiveness can go in your No file.

Interviewing Sales Assistant Candidates

Now that you’ve narrowed down your list of applicants to those with relevant or related skills and experience, it’s time to schedule an interview. Here are some tips to help you prepare for an interview and select the best candidates for the job:

  • Prepare your questions. Ask open-ended questions that probe into relevant work experience and skills that will be useful in a sales support role. Some common questions for sales assistants include what is your experience with selling, what similar roles have you had, and what do you like and dislike about sales? You may also want to add questions about experience with specific sales programs or software you use.
  • Assess your candidates’ demeanor. An interview is an opportunity to learn more about a candidate than just their resume and experience on paper. It’s also important to assess personality and professional qualities that can help your business. When you hire sales support professionals, you will want to find people with outgoing personalities and professional demeanors. Is your candidate on time, dressed professionally, and easy to talk with? Can they carry on a conversation and directly answer questions confidently? Of course, most people get a little nervous for interviews, so keep in mind candidates may be less relaxed than usual but you want to find people who excel under pressure and stay calm, confident, and enthusiastic.
  • Ask about handling challenges. Sales roles can be very demanding and include a lot of rejection, so candidates must be enthusiastic, persistent, and reliable. Ask questions about challenges they’ve had in a past sales role to gauge if this role is a good fit for you both.

Successful Sales Agent Qualities

The most successful sales support staff have some traits in common. These qualities are key to success in sales so you’ll want to look for them in potential hires:

  • Persistence. Above all else, sales require persistence and steady, consistent effort. People who get easily discouraged or lose interest fast will not make good sales agents. Seek dedicated people who have demonstrated an ability to stick with projects long-term.
  • Outgoing. Salespeople must enjoy talking with people and be personable and friendly. No one wants to buy something from a reclusive or standoffish salesperson.
  • Positive. As a small business owner, you know how important it is to believe in a vision and persist despite setbacks. You will want sales to support people who can remain positive and consistent in the face of adversary. It usually takes hundreds or even thousands of nos to achieve one yes, and that is a normal part of sales that requires positivity to endure.
  • Unflappable. A successful sales associate does not get easily upset or rattled by rejection or challenges. Seek out candidates who have an even-tempered attitude and can stay upbeat despite difficulties.

Outsourcing Sales Work

If you are ready to step up your company’s sales and success, you can outsource sales support work and achieve excellent results without spending a lot of time or money. Our virtual sales support staff can help your business with all areas of sales, from lead generation and cold calling to live customer support and answering phones. Whether you need sales agents to make customer calls or follow up on leads or update and maintain your marketing database, we offer skilled, professional, qualified sales agents who can do the job.

Our bilingual virtual sales assistants can also reach customers and leads in English and Spanish, tapping into a much wider market than traditional salespeople. Save time and money and outsource your sales support work to Bolt Business Solutions, and watch your business flourish as your profits skyrocket.

Contact us today to get started with virtual sales support staff to boost your profits and help grow your business.

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