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At Bolt, we take the time to understand your unique needs and desires. That’s why we have become a key element for all our clients, not only by simplifying their daily operations but by becoming a trusted partner that will engage and assist you toward your goals. We have developed smart solutions for numerous types of organizations; trust us, we know what matters most.

“American Auto has been working with Bolt for years. Working with them has been easy and organized. We look forward to continuing working as a team.”

— Matt Friedrichs
Owner American Auto

Virtual Assistant services help business owners, executives and entrepreneurs outsource time-consuming tasks, saving them time and money that they can use to run their  businesses. 

Our virtual assistants’ services include scheduling, researching, email management, answering calls, social media, writing and translating, administration and organizing.

Bolt 24/7 Live Answering offers a wide range of services, from answering phone calls and scheduling appointments to full virtual receptionist services, which include asking screening questions, providing customer service and support. 

With our exceptional 24/7 answering service, you’ll never miss a call. Our live agents answer calls all around the clock, so you’ll never miss an opportunity to develop your business.

“We can now have a real live person answer every phone call. They have improved our conversion, creating a better experience for our customers.”

— Patrick McNichol
Co-Owner Suburban Solutions

Customer service matters now more than ever; with ever-changing circumstances, brands must rethink their practices and develop new strategies to provide the best possible service. 

With Bolt, you can count on skilled professionals who understand your company to communicate immediately and accurately, assisting in the resolution of your target’s demands, building loyalty, and providing an excellent service.

Identifying and getting to know your prospects allows you to build visibility, credibility, trust and spark the interest from potential customers. With our help, you will be able to grow your sales while saving a significant amount of money and time.

Our team can work with you at every stage of the lead generation process: whether you need assistance finding suitable prospects, already have them but are unsure of their quality, or require qualified lead generation services.

“We are happy with the work and the great people. I am sure we will continue to grow with their help”.

— Mike Kessler

At Bolt, we provide administrative solutions for your company, allowing you to focus on core business functions, in addition to increasing your business’s productivity.

Back-office support is important to the overall operations of your business, but your employees don’t have time to get around. We are a team and we’ve got your back!


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