6 Reasons why Bolt is the perfect match for you and your business

Bolt is a fully bicultural Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) provider; we know that cultural awareness is as important as having effective communication skills. For this and many other reasons, we have been trusted by several companies in a wide range of industries.

We help clients in making the most of every available resource in a highly globalized market, and we offer high operational expertise with a strong pool of talent to meet a business’s most specialized needs. We can improve day-to-day operations with measurable and quantifiable key performance indicators. 

Bolt is one of the most cost-effective BPO Providers in the country, with proven records of saving the average client over $100K per year

1 Open doors
You are always welcome to visit our operations floor and attest that your business processes are running as you desire. We are located just 30 minutes away from San Ysidro, CA.

2 Whatever you need, we got it for you
Whether it’s a small group of agents or a large team, we can service both needs. We have a team of specialized people who will cover the needs of your business in the time zone you are in. Here day is day and night is night, but if you need flexibility, we have it for you.

We also help eliminate all employee liability and private health insurance costs

3 Honest billing
With the use of new technology like “Live agent monitoring,” “Live call coaching,” “Call recordings” and “Desktop monitoring software”, you only pay for the hours we work. We offer transparency and honest billing regardless of the task or project that is being executed.

4 Privacy
At Bolt, we strive to protect our clients’ intellectual assets; we understand that long-term business relationships are built on trust and results. This is why we have multiple security measures to ensure that we are protecting what matters the most to our clients.

If you are paying over $8 USD/HR you are overpaying. Let us help the financial side of your business.

5 Your data is safe with us
We have designated areas for each client and use cloud-based security cameras to provide access to our clients, so they can rest assured that all critical information is always safe.

6  Savings
In today’s difficult economy caused by the pandemic, it’s imperative that every business, reduces costs in their non-essential positions regardless of the industry they belong to.


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